Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 6 part 1

In the end of Telling by Patricia Francisco I believe she begins to come full circle and have truly gotten through what happened to her that night. After the rape she feels that privatizing her grief was one of the worst things she could have done and regrets that she had been doing it for so long. She believed that she needed had a responsibility to tell people what happened to her and try to prevent other women from making the same mistake she did. Patricia starts to hear more and more about women dying in domestic violence and can't stand to her about it anymore so she calls a friend for help. After being comforted she decided to go to Washington DC for a rape march and found empowerment in marching with other women that went through what she went through. Patricia I believed is explained best through a quote in the story that says "persistence is herioic". I believe that she has been persistent through this rape and strong and this shows to me that she is a hero among her friends and family for being strong through this. One of the strongest things that Patricia does in this section is find the strength to tell her son that she was rape and that takes a lot of strength. This quote explains how Patricia has come around and is a stronger woman after what happened to her. "I'm at home in my skin, warmed by the August sun, cleaned out by the edge of winter in the wind. I push off into the cold black water and swim for the rocky shore of the next island."

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Zack W. said...

David: I think your blogs are great. They seem very well organized, and very descriptive. It also seems like you actually read the book, and that you have a good understanding for the book. I believe that there's nothing to improve on because it's already in-depth, and it deserves an A!