Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 5 part 2

Section 5 of Telling is where I see Patricia begin to cope and take a step back and try to fight rape in all places and copes with what happened to her. She takes a look back and understands what went wrong with her and why her marriage was ruined after the rape. After hearing about similar crimes that have happened others in the community she begins attending trials of these men who have serial raped nearly 90 women in the Minneapolis. She goes to the trials to try to give input and help put these men behind bars and hates these men. She can’t stand to look at the men who are under attack in this trial buts finds the more she looks at them the more she remembers what happened to her. All this hate makes her feel as if she needs to be at each trial to watch these men go down. One day while Patricia is in her kitchen she hears an announcement on the radio that the men who are a part of this rape have been sentenced to the longest sentencing in Minnesota state history. On man has been convicted to 139 2/3 years in prison with no parole. The trial takes place in a chapter titled “Justice” and believe that this has a double meaning. Not only did Justice come to those men who had been committing mass rape throughout Minneapolis but I also believe that Patricia Francisco has found justice in this case and will use the result to try to bring down other rapists but also it has helped her to get over what has happened to her.

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