Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 part 2

I believe the book Telling by Patricia has many more weaknesses than it does strengths. The book is a boring read that is very repetative and doesnt entertain me as a reader. It has its high points which are usually quite graffic because she will be explaining the rape. It is hard to explain each section of this book because it is so hard to distiguish what she is talking about. She goes between past and present very frequently even from one paragraph to another which makes it hard to read. But a strength of this book is the feeling that is put into it. You can feel what the writer is feeling because of this horrific thing that has happened to her. This book relates to many peoples lives even though you may not think so many women have have been sexually assaulted in there lives. Although it doesnt relate to my life it does affect the way I look at other people. I predict that after learning how to vent her anger and tell people about through telling and writing it she will come back to loving her husband and her marriage and family will come back together. The main feeling i get from this book is a sad one because all she talks about is being attacked and ravaged over and over by this man and the fact that she may never be able to get past that and may never be secure. That feeling is one that will mostly affect me after Im done reading this memoir.

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