Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea Inside Post 1

The Sea Inside was a very emotional and controversal movie than many people disagree about. I think that this film was very good and showed the side of things that i have never seen before. If I were asked if a quadrapilegic should be allowed to take his own life he wants to i would probably say that i don't think it is right for him to do that and he should continue living his life. But after seeing the Sea Inside my views have changed drastically. Now if I were asked
that same question i would probably say that if he feels that way he should be allowed to take his own life. This movie shows that this man clearly feels that he cannot love or live his life to the fullist even when in this bad situation. I think that Ramon's request to die was kind of the easy way out. I realize that if that is what he wants to do he should be able to do that. Saying he cannot love the way he is was one thing that i didn't believe though of Ramon. It was clear to me that Ramon and Julia had a very close relationship and really did love eachother. As for all of Ramon's friends they did the right thing in helping their loved one. No one else could understand how Ramon was feeling than his own family and friends and they knew that no matter how much it hurt them to kill him that it is what he wanted and they felt obligated to help him. The Sea Inside is an emotional and contraversal movie which forces people to take sides about a man who wants to end his own life.

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