Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 4 Part 2

In this section of Telling by Patricia Francisco talks a lot about her relationship with men and with her husband. She talks about how although many women take a long time to recover from rape sexually that her and her husband seemed to maintain a healthy sexual life which I believe was good and bad for them. Good because they could still be romantic with each other but her husband would feel guilty and this would lead to problems in the marriage. She talks about love, labor, and loss in her chapter titled Love, Labor, Loss. To explain love she writes about when she conceived her first child with her husband. They were on a trip in Delphi and were looking at temple’s of Greek gods and while in Delphi conceived there son. Labor explains the labors of holding a baby and giving birth to it. But she takes pride in holding her baby as some people take pride in running and weight lifting. And finally Loss is when she ended up losing her husband which was a direct result of the fact that she couldn’t be sexual anymore. Sex became painful and touches where confusing to her. In this section of Telling has many ups and downs and goes from comfortable about sexuality to being scared and hurt my sex even with a man she knew and trusted.

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