Thursday, November 29, 2007


Debates happen in just about any case you can think of but a few I think of are...

At School- In this case this serves usually for students to try to get an extension or try to help themselves if they are in a bad situation or miss something.

Debate Tournaments- This is more formal debating where they have judges and what you say matters and you need to make your point to win just like in any other situation that people debate in.

Running for office- For all kinds of elections from school council to running for president there are debates about contraversial issues in their communities/ countries.

At home- Often kids will debate their parents for things they want to do but their parents refuse to allow them to do.

In each one of these situation debating usually can help to resolve the problem and helps the other side to recognize where you are coming from. Like I said before debate tournaments and running for often are usually the only kinds of structured debate. For the most part debate is unstructured but still has the key parts of debate which is an argument between two sides with legitiment information to back it up. The decision making process usually is changed because most people after debating decide that maybe the other side isn't so bad. But also sometimes a debate will not effect the decision making process.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Q2 outside reading book

Winkie by Clifford Chase




This book is very jumpy at times and can be very hard to follow going between past, future, and present using many words that i dont recognize.

It look like an interesting story and also had a very funny premise. And as GQ magazine says "A gripping and bizarre story of a teddy bear who gets involved in the War on Terror. You will believe."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Q2 Outside Reading Post 1

In the beginning of my book "Winkie" you learn a lot about the main character. Winkie was a teddy bear passed down for many years through the same family and became a live. Winkie has become a criminal and is wanted by the police and the FBI. Government officials have Winkie surrouned and arrest him for all his crimes. The first thing they do is take Winkie to a hospital where you begin to find out why he has gotten into so much trouble. While in the hospital he befriends a maid that works there in the night and she talks to him on her break. We find out that Winkie has been caught making bombs and using bombs and that is why the government if after him. The maid Franciose reads the newspaper article to Winkie where he finds out that people think he is an alien, terrorist, demon, ghost, a government coverup, a mutant, a freak of nature, or even perhaps a product of chemical waste. Another interesting part of this story is Winkie confusion with his own sex. He can't remember whether he is a boy or a girl because for most of his life he has been a boy named Winkie. But when he was originally bought by a girl named Ruth and she had named him Marie. So when he was being questioned by doctors he left his name as Winkie but put sex as female. So far this book has been moving kind of slow because so far we are just finding out about Winkie and I dont know what other crimes he may have committed. I like this book so far and i can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea Inside Post 3

It seems the in The Sea Inside the director loved to use close ups to create intimacy with the characters and show the deep emotions during certain situations. Julia was puzzled in one scene why Ramon would want to die even though he could still live his life out. The director uses a close up on Julia’s face when Ramon is explaining to her why he wants to die. This particular shot shows emotion on Julia that indicates her somber feeling. A particularly confusing part of the film is when Ramon dreams of flying to the sea where he finds his Julia. When he arrives Julia is drawing nearer and nearer to him to a point where they find each other inches away. The director takes advantage of this time to give emotions of the love between Julia and Ramon with a close up of their lips as they begin kissing on the beach. Finally the use of the close up is used in the most emotional section of the film when Ramon gives his final speech. Clearly the use of the close up to create deep emotional connections between the characters in the movie and the audience.

Sea Inside Post 2

The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly have many similarities and differences that depict the likeness of the characters in each book. There are many similarities between The Sea Insides and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. First both Ramon and Jean Dominique-Bauby don’t enjoy life as a quadriplegic and both reminisce about their previous lives. They both also have to rely on others to take care of them on a day to day basis. It hurts Bauby and Ramon both to see the affect they have on their loved ones after their accidents. Lastly they both wrote books during their time as a quadriplegic before both dying. There are also many differences between The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. In The Sea Inside Ramon can talk to his family and care takes to communicate which is far superior to Bauby’s situation where he can only blink for communication. Also in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Jean Dominique-Bauby try to live out his life as long as possible to be with his family and loved one. Where as in The Sea Inside Ramon wishes to be put out of the misery of being quadriplegic.

Sea Inside Post 1

The Sea Inside was a very emotional and controversal movie than many people disagree about. I think that this film was very good and showed the side of things that i have never seen before. If I were asked if a quadrapilegic should be allowed to take his own life he wants to i would probably say that i don't think it is right for him to do that and he should continue living his life. But after seeing the Sea Inside my views have changed drastically. Now if I were asked
that same question i would probably say that if he feels that way he should be allowed to take his own life. This movie shows that this man clearly feels that he cannot love or live his life to the fullist even when in this bad situation. I think that Ramon's request to die was kind of the easy way out. I realize that if that is what he wants to do he should be able to do that. Saying he cannot love the way he is was one thing that i didn't believe though of Ramon. It was clear to me that Ramon and Julia had a very close relationship and really did love eachother. As for all of Ramon's friends they did the right thing in helping their loved one. No one else could understand how Ramon was feeling than his own family and friends and they knew that no matter how much it hurt them to kill him that it is what he wanted and they felt obligated to help him. The Sea Inside is an emotional and contraversal movie which forces people to take sides about a man who wants to end his own life.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 6 part 1

In the end of Telling by Patricia Francisco I believe she begins to come full circle and have truly gotten through what happened to her that night. After the rape she feels that privatizing her grief was one of the worst things she could have done and regrets that she had been doing it for so long. She believed that she needed had a responsibility to tell people what happened to her and try to prevent other women from making the same mistake she did. Patricia starts to hear more and more about women dying in domestic violence and can't stand to her about it anymore so she calls a friend for help. After being comforted she decided to go to Washington DC for a rape march and found empowerment in marching with other women that went through what she went through. Patricia I believed is explained best through a quote in the story that says "persistence is herioic". I believe that she has been persistent through this rape and strong and this shows to me that she is a hero among her friends and family for being strong through this. One of the strongest things that Patricia does in this section is find the strength to tell her son that she was rape and that takes a lot of strength. This quote explains how Patricia has come around and is a stronger woman after what happened to her. "I'm at home in my skin, warmed by the August sun, cleaned out by the edge of winter in the wind. I push off into the cold black water and swim for the rocky shore of the next island."