Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 2- 10 Loaded words

1.rape(pg.2)- The author Patricia Francisco tells the reader that she had been raped and that this was what the story would be about.

2. naked(11)- After being raped she would sleep naked and was clearly bothered and disterbed by what happened that night she got raped.

3.young(12)- Seeing a young woman in the park reading and writing she is jealous of her innocence.

4.beaten(13)- Patricia wants to tell you how she felt and how she was beaten and thrown around by this rapist.

5.survivor(14)- She considers herself to be a survivor but after further thought she decides that survivor is the wrong word that survivor usually referrs to physical survivor where she had infact survived. But she felt that it was actually the wrong word because she had been emotionally and mentally scarred.

6.victim(14)- Patricia Francisco decided that victim is the best way to describe herself because she doesn't want there to positive connotation with the word like with the word survivor where people are happy for you to survive. Using victim it shows that she was infact hurt and people can realize this easier.

7.knife(18)- In Telling this word has negative connotation because she is telling the reader about how she was being dragged and ravaged by a man with a knife. This made her feel helpless and it is easy to feel that same emotion when reading this.

8.assaulted(19)- She uses this word along with attacked to show that she was unknowingly and unwillingly assaulted by an unknown man.

NINE. Defiant(28)- She had been talking to the man who had kidnapped and assaulted her and afterword she believed she had given him confidence to rape her again and wishes she had been defiant instead of just giving in to him.

TEN. Desperate(28)- Realizing that she wasn't being defiant she came to the realization that she was desperate and couldn't do anything about it.

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