Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Telling Week 1

The memoir Telling by Patricia Francisco is a story of rape and how this women recovered what happened to her one horrible night. She explains the insecurities that this experience brought upon her and how she couldn't stand to do everyday things without thinking of being raped. She would think that putting it behind her and never speaking of it would be the best thing she could do. Later Patricia would find one of the best ways of letting it out and getting on with her life was to tell people and tell her story. She went on marches with other rape victims and came out to her friends of what had taken place that night. Even though she was working to move on in her life she it was hard for her to sleep at night she would tell stories about how she would be so scared she couldn't sleep and would have to sleep with a knife to feel safe. The beginning of the story is an interesting tale that goes between present and past telling of the rape and recovery of Patricia Francisco.

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