Sunday, November 25, 2007

Q2 Outside Reading Post 1

In the beginning of my book "Winkie" you learn a lot about the main character. Winkie was a teddy bear passed down for many years through the same family and became a live. Winkie has become a criminal and is wanted by the police and the FBI. Government officials have Winkie surrouned and arrest him for all his crimes. The first thing they do is take Winkie to a hospital where you begin to find out why he has gotten into so much trouble. While in the hospital he befriends a maid that works there in the night and she talks to him on her break. We find out that Winkie has been caught making bombs and using bombs and that is why the government if after him. The maid Franciose reads the newspaper article to Winkie where he finds out that people think he is an alien, terrorist, demon, ghost, a government coverup, a mutant, a freak of nature, or even perhaps a product of chemical waste. Another interesting part of this story is Winkie confusion with his own sex. He can't remember whether he is a boy or a girl because for most of his life he has been a boy named Winkie. But when he was originally bought by a girl named Ruth and she had named him Marie. So when he was being questioned by doctors he left his name as Winkie but put sex as female. So far this book has been moving kind of slow because so far we are just finding out about Winkie and I dont know what other crimes he may have committed. I like this book so far and i can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out.

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